More on Occupy Wall Street

On November 21, I posted here about the Occupy Wall Street movement. I quoted a letter Brendan Burke wrote to The Economist, implying that Occupy protesters are not interested in voting. Brendan writes,

I do vote every time. I have voted in every election I could since I was old enough to, whether for the President, or senate and congress people from my native new york. It doesnt work. Even though it doesnt work, I continue to do so, as the problem does not lie with me. I do believe in the marketplace of America. Where is it?

We are a nation of checks and balances and our banks and corporations need to be checked. Our democracy is in full swing actually.

Thank you, Brendan, for getting back to me and explaining your position. I think Brendan and I are very much in agreement — democracy is working.

Now, as the cold weather comes and the police break up the Occupy camps, how will the momentum be sustained? What is the future of the movement? I saw an article today telling me that Occupy will never be the movement the Tea Party is, due to the lack of organization and the disengagement with traditional politics. Is this true? I hope not. I hope the Occupy protesters find a way to take their movement forward.

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  1. Are they protesting Wall Street practices themselves? The way government coddles Wall Street at the expense of everybody else? Or something else entirely?

    I understand the rich are getting richer etc. But what SPECIFICALLY are these people proposing to fix the problem? (other than pointing out they’re part of the 99%)

    For instance: the tea party people tend to coalesce around a message of more limited government and more individual freedom. Is there a similar thread that runs through this Occupy Wall Street protest?


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