What do you call carbonated soft drink?

Fascinating map (and poll) at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer blog:

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  1. We say “pop” in eastern KY where I grew up, but in NYC (where I live now), it’s a real mix. I think it’s because there are people from all over the U.S. living here! I still get freakish looks when I say “pop,” though!

  2. We say soda in New Mexico where I grew up — other parts of NM say either Coke or soda. I’d never heard anyone say pop until I was working as hostess in a pizza place in high school — a customer came in & asked for pop — we (me and the other high school age hostess) couldn’t figure out what in the world she wanted — we went round and round for 5 minutes. Finally she turned around and pointed at the cooler full of soft drinks — “I want one of those!” Ohhhhh! :) Luckily she wasn’t mad once we explained we’d never heard of pop before.

  3. I grew up in FL and I don’t remember either being used. We always just said whatever drink we were talking about Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, etc. My hubby’s family is from Philly and the Philly suburbs and they all say soda.

  4. We say Pop here in Iowa- I know a few people who say “soda”, but it’s not many!


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