Decorating for Christmas: Hanging a Garland

I’ve been decorating for Christmas in bits and pieces, as I find the time. {The main thing holding me back is that all the Christmas items are in the very back of the crawl space.}

We kept our Happy Halloween garland up way too long (I won’t even tell you how long) and the space above the table seemed empty without it. A Christmas garland seemed like just the thing. I was going to go to Michaels and buy a premade garland, but then I found myself in the seasonal section at Target and saw the makings of my very own garland.

Red star tinsel (something like ten feet worth), giant candy cane ornaments (although I bought the small size, not the large) and metal snowflakes. Christmas garland, here we come!

Too many pushpins, and half an hour of getting up and down off the chair later, the garland was hung!

The extra tinsel became a lovely wreath for the hall, as seen in the photo at the beginning of the post.

{My apologies for the terrible lighting in the photos}

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  1. What would we do without a chair to climb on. I have been up and down on mine for a week now with Christmas decorating.

  2. I love shopping and Christmas is no different. I might be one of only a handful of people to admit that I love the hussell and bussell around the holidays. Buying gifts for family members is always fun but I also love to think of some type of homemade gift to make for my family as well. I have never done online shopping though and am not sure that I will ever trust it. I like seeing everyone in the holiday spirit in person better :)

  1. Doily Garlands to make at home « Jah Doily

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