We Need Gas

We need gas, the tattered sign said
He (holding the sign) had a Mohawk
She was plump and not all that old
He (the other one) was shaggy
They had a dog, a mutt of some kind

The car mightn’t get very far
(Even on a full tank of gas)

I wanted to help them
(But I was too afraid)
And so I left them there, alone.

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  1. stunning imagery,

    love it,

    refreshing, smiles.

  2. Andy Hebert

     /  October 2, 2011

    Is permalink a fancy thing for reply? How can i write back to comments, I notice people will have a tiny version of there(the commenters) avatar in a comment with there reply, actually usually with several replies. So what is this permalink? I don’t want to click it and do someone i am not expecting…I’ve stalked that place for a while but now i finally have some pictures up…

    • Just hit reply or add comment to add a comment. Permalink is the permanent location for the blog post (so you could bookmark/link to that so it could be found when it’s not on my blog’s front page any more. You need to set up your Gravatar (http://en.gravatar.com/) to have your avatar appear by your comment.


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