Sunday Service: Community

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Today we talked about community, and the importance of pulling together. Too often, people think of themselves, and what a community can do for them, not what they can do for the community. It is hard to set aside our own needs in favor of the needs of the community.

It is easy to become mired in the past, to think that the way we have always done things is the way they must be done. Sometimes our needs are being met by the way we have always done things, but the community has changed and its needs are different now. It is hard to be unselfish, and change ourselves, for the good of the community.

Think about the communities of which you are a part. What are the needs of the community? How are you helping to meet those needs? Are you doing things to obstruct those needs being met? How can you change your behavior to better help meet those needs?

These are not easy questions to answer, but sometimes the growth of our beloved communities depends on our abilities to answer (and act on those answers) difficult questions.

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