Creating a Photo Montage in PrintShop

Sometimes I like to create a photo collage or montage for a blog post, like this one. I use The PrintShop by Broderbund for Mac. Let me show you how to do it, while I make a montage of my traditionally colored, small wedding tassels. (And, as always, click the image for a larger version)

  1. Open a blank page. I prefer Tall, but sometimes I use Wide. Here I use Tall.
  2. Click Insert, Select Graphic Image. Choose your graphic and click Insert.
  3. Size the first photo. I usually position it where I want it in the montage, then use PrintShop’s guidelines to size the rest.
  4. Insert, size, and position the rest of the photos.

  5. Save your montage. PrintShop only saves in the psf format. What I saved (the guidelines are hidden):
  6. Export your file.

  7. Now you’re ready to insert your finished montage into a blog post, or wherever else you want it.
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