Fall is Coming

Today it didn’t warm up until well into the morning. The leaves are slowly beginning to turn. Fall is coming, albeit very slowly. The sky is the crisp blue of early autumn, after the weather has cooled enough to put out the nearby wildfires but it’s still too warm for snow. I treasure these days, each one a golden jewel, storing them up in my mind against the cold of winter. Warm enough to be comfortable, not so hot as to be miserable, these are the days to remember.

Soon it will be time to pick the last of the summer’s vegetables, rake the leaves, plant the bulbs and the last of the perennials for next spring, dig out a garden bed to be ready in the spring, spread the compost, and put the garden to bed.

I have been negligent with this blog as I have been busy with the end of summer. Sometimes it seems like all of the summer’s events get wrapped up in the very end of it, as we realize that the warm weather is ending and soon we must cocoon indoors for six months. But as I renew my commitment to my garden, I am renewing my commitment to this blog. I began with a new template and a rearranging of the sidebar. Look for more new items in the weeks to come.

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  1. It is amazing how fast fall has arrived. The last of my heirloom tomatoes will be made into sauce today and put in the freezer.


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