Ordering Custom Beaded Tassels from Lizbeth’s Garden

Do you ever look at the beaded tassels in Lizbeth’s Garden and wonder how to order one in your favorite colors? Then this post is for you.

{Future posts will cover ordering custom copper medallions, and custom orders from my other stores on Zibbet and Wedding Bliss Lane.}

Lizbeth’s Garden

Beaded Tassels:

  1. Will you buy an existing custom listing?
    2 inch tassel
    4 inch fan pull
    Then follow the directions in the listing OR
  2. Contact me with color swatches AND
    Tell me the purpose of the tassel
    Perfect if you need more than one tassel
  3. Buy a thread and bead sample if you want samples sent to you before I make the tassel.
  4. I will select the threads and beads to match.
    Send photos of my choices AND
    Samples if you did step 3.
    If you followed step 2, I will provide you with the price of your order.
  5. You approve samples and/or photos and price.
  6. If you followed step 1, I make the tassel and ship it to you.
  7. If you followed step 2, I will set up a custom listing for you. After you purchase it, I will make the tassels and ship them to you.

If you want to win a free custom Easter egg from my Zibbet store, enter my giveaway. Tomorrow (Thursday, 7/21/11) is the last day to enter!

Updated 12/21/11:

I accept both Google Wallet and PayPal. If you are curious about the quality of my work, you can read the feedback from customers in my Etsy store.

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