On Writing Monday’s Poem

Robert Frost Cabin

Image by origamidon via Flickr

On Monday, I posted a poem written in the style of Robert Frost. This post is about the process of writing that poem.

It’s harder than it looks to write in another poet’s style, and keep the poem on track — true to mood and rhyme. My first draft of the third stanza veered away from the mood I was trying to achieve as I worked around the rhymes I wanted to incorporate. The voice of the poem was no longer aiming for Frost’s style.

I changed the rhyme scheme and steered the poem closer to what I wanted the voice and mood of the poem to be. Coming to the final two stanzas, I struggled to do what I feel Frost is so capable of — show the madness and passion hovering just below the surface of the female character. Examples of this in Frost’s work are Home Burial and The Fear.

And struggling with the very end of the poem, realizing the inadequacy of my words to match Frost’s genius, I found an unrhymed couplet that, while not genius nor wonderful, at least was an adequate end to the poem.

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