In the style of Robert Frost

I’m trying something new — reading a poet & then writing one or a few poems in his or her style. Today I want to share some lines in the style of Robert Frost.

We went to Bozeman in the green valley
Past the canyon where the river doesn’t shilly-shally
But leaps and roils in great passion
Carrying the huge logs and trying to refashion
The banks.

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  1. I’m not familiar with Frost’s work–been a long long time since I’ve read anything by him–but I like what you’ve done here. Will you be adding to it? I’d like to see more!

  2. great.
    this shall improve your writing style a great deal.
    love the word flow.

  3. that would be a sight to see.

    • It was amazing — I’ve never seen rapids like that before. I’m hoping to post pictures soon if they turned out — haven’t had a chance to check — we just got back last night.

  4. four-time ‘Pulitzer Prize’ winning American poet Robert frost is my favorite. My wife likes Emily Dickenson, but I married her anyways. Props for the ‘homage’ for Frost.

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