Update on 90 Minutes of Writing

Now that I’ve been trying to do 90 minutes of writing a day for a couple weeks now, I thought I would give you an update on how it’s been going.

I decided after the 1st weekend not to try and write on the weekends. I enjoy having 2 days off to enjoy my family and run errands. I feel much calmer when I don’t feel like I am missing something by trying to get 90 solid minutes in for those days.

I also realized that my initial enthusiasm did not carry through from the first couple days, and I’m back to getting up a little later than would be ideal. But I’ve stopped sleeping in past the time I really want to be up by, and I think that’s an improvement. I’m working on gradually moving my wake-up time earlier. I’m just happy now I get up early enough to do this writing, even if I don’t get up as early as I would like.

As far as productivity, I continue to increase my productivity. I am working on more projects, and getting more written on each one, than I ever have. I have a regular plan of work now, and a set of projects I work on. I find that just trying to fill the time, and keep writing for that time, helps the words flow. If I can’t get farther on one project, then I just move on to the next.

Verdict: I am going to keep on with the 90 minutes of writing during the week. I have increased my writing output and the quality of my writing. I look forward to seeing my improvements in the future.

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