Thieves (expanded)

Before white men roamed these round hills
Before horses came and wheels cut the grass
Before the sod-buster and plow,
This land was meant for another people.

In the old land, east of here,
Food was scarce and beliefs oppressed
My kin came here — a fresh start.
I cannot leave — there’s nowhere else.

The red ones miss me like fish miss water
How can they have joy when dignity is gone?
I didn’t choose to be born here
I own this land — I belong now.

Thief, whispers the land. You do not belong.
I will not leave.

I posted an earlier version of this last week. This version is for Poetry Rally.

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  1. Moving. Painful to be evicted from one’s own land.
    May blessings be upon you :)

  2. The eternal push and pull between what was and what is and what could be. Well-written. Nice imagery.

  3. yes, I agree with Bendedspoon.. it sure would be painful if that happens. May God give you strength, Lizbeth!

    My Post Is Here

  4. fish water relation is both sweet and sad.
    compact piece.
    well done.

  5. your work reminds me of the very famed native american poet John Trudell. I like him because he admits as do I that we are crazy and that being crazy is the freest state of being :) but also I do admire his work :)
    This to say, kudos, nice piece, different dealing with issues that we hardly think about :)

  6. i hate people evicting those from their mother land! that is abuse! my thursday post :

  7. My mother -my piece of Earth-How can anyone take it away from me?
    “How can they have joy when dignity is gone?
    I didn’t choose to be born here
    I own this land — I belong now.”
    Pain fills these lines! Loved the poem.

  8. a heart-wrenching truth for many people… a problem that has haunted humankind since time immemorial. so many lives have been lost defending their parents’ and their parents’ parents’ legacies. beautiful poem!

  9. It’s a rather tortured situation for us, isn’t it? Appreciate the sentiments in your poem.

  10. Sad, beautiful, and filled with truth. The imagery really brings this one home to the heart.

    When I’m not writing poetry I write dystopian fiction and the theme of displacement often runs through those works. This poem has inspired me.Wonderfully done.

  11. O si yo,

    This piece…beautiful.
    You weave words with magic,
    I know you work hard at it, but also
    I know you are gifted.

    A do na da go uh hi

  12. How can they have joy when dignity is gone?
    Super line. Super poem. You are gifted.


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