Spring is Here (I think)

Yesterday was a really nice day, although a little breezy. I have been working for weeks on getting the yard & gardens cleaned up for the growing season, and yesterday I finally decided it was spring-like enough to plant veggies.

I emptied finished compost from my compost bin and filled a wheelbarrow. After moving to other beds the onions that had survived the winter in my south bed (I have 2 5×5 beds, one south & one north), I turned the soil and topped it with my compost. Lovely.

I have been hardening off my leeks, artichokes, and celery for a week, the beets for something less. But I dug in a trellis, planted pea seeds on either side and added my hardened off plants, along with onion, spinach and lettuce seeds.

The artichokes & celery are supposed to be protected from heavy frost (below 28 F). We hadn’t had a heavy frost in over a week. Of course it got down to 18F last night. I did get the artichokes covered when it was only 29F but I’m worried about them. I hope I don’t find blackened stubs when I go out to check when it warms up.

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  1. Wow, very organised! I’m in the UK and unelievably enough have been gardening in bikini tops and sorts for the last few weeks!


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