Book Review: Love Letters

Love Letters, by Katie Fforde, is a sweet story of a shy bookstore clerk, Laura, meeting her favorite author and falling in love with him. The story is improbable at times, as it relies on happenstance and Laura’s amazing ability to suddenly be in just the right place at just the right time, but also believable. Who among us has not managed to be right there, in the moment, at the right moment?

I was rooting for Laura, as she navigates the tricky waters of overcoming her shyness and finding a new job after the bookstore where she works closes, along with meeting and persuading her favorite author to come to the literary festival she has fallen into organizing.

A good book, with a believable romance, yet not cheesy. I liked it very much. I wish I could read Ms. Fforde’s books as soon as they come out, but since she is a UK writer and I am in the US, I think that is not to be. I see on her website that she has a new book out in the UK, and her preceding book is now available in hardcover in the US. I read the one before that, Love Letters, in paperback from my library’s new book section. I sense a long wait before me for her other books.

Five out of five stars.

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