Sunday Service: Deep Ecology

Deep ecology is the idea that, deep inside, we are all connected to each other and dependent upon each other for our well-being. From the Buddhist point of view, there is no independent creation — everything is dependent upon everything else.

Despite appearances to the contrary, nothing exists autonomously, or truly in isolation. All things have interconnections.
p. 4, Becoming Enlightened, by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

From the Unitarian Universalist point of view, this deep connection to each other is God.

How can we use this true and deep connection to each other to further community and spiritual growth? Turn our spiritual telescopes away from the glory of the Universe and inward on our own true selves.

This exploration of our true selves might take an entire lifetime, or beyond, but the further we explore, the more we find connection and dependence on others (dependent-arising, to Buddhists). In that connection, we forge bonds of honesty, trust, and commitment to create a true community.

Thank you to Rev. Lyn for her inspiring service today.

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