Would you give up your plastic?

Plastic piping and firestops being installed i...

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We all know that plastic is made from oil, and peak oil is either here or coming soon. Plastic is ubiquitous, and some of it isn’t very good for you, like BPA.

Today, I have used plastic on or in:

  • breakfast rice milk
  • breakfast cereal — in a plastic bag originally and stored in plastic here
  • drinking glasses
  • lunch (packaging for bread & cheese)
  • plates
  • dessert (packaging for cake mix and icing)
  • hygiene (body wash, plastic pumps for hand soap, shampoo)
  • water (reused bottle)
  • and much, much more

Some people are willing to give up almost all plastic. Do you think giving up plastic will improve your health? What about the health of the planet? Or is it a feel-good, useless frill improving the psychological well-being of environmentalists?

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