Sunday Service: Spring Equinox

Today was the spring equinox, with 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark. It’s also the official start of spring. Now, it snowed here yesterday, so I’m not sure that spring is here quite yet, but I think it’s coming!

Today is a good day to celebrate our connections to the earth and to each other. This is one of the two days in the entire year when everyone, all over the world, has the same amount of light and dark as everyone else. It’s a good day to celebrate our common humanity.

As humans, we all need the same things — food and water, shelter and safety. We also need loving kindness: love and compassion, justice and mercy, grace and forgiveness. No matter what our beliefs, we should strive to offer these things to others, and accept them when we are fortunate enough to be offered them.

I challenge you, this spring equinox, to think of five ways you can offer more of the emotions of loving kindness to people you meet and the people already in your life before the fall equinox, the other day of equal light and dark. As the days lengthen to the summer solstice, and then shorten again on the way to winter, how can you offer up more loving kindness?

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