Daylight Savings Time

Time change at the start of Daylight Saving Time

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I’m sure that all across the United States and Canada (and perhaps more places than that), today and yesterday, have been written blog posts complaining about the time change. I’m sure I don’t have a unique perspective, but by special request, I will bring you my commentary on daylight savings time.

Actually, I don’t mind the idea of daylight savings time that much. In fact, it makes sense in the actual summer months, when on standard time it would be light at 3 or 4 am and dark before 10 pm. I love being able to work in the yard up until bedtime. I get so much accomplished in the light.

But at this time of year, it is worse than useless. It is pointless. On Saturday, it was just beginning to be light at 6:30 am. Very nice. Now it’s light right about when I really ought to be getting up.

But wait. Now it’s Sunday and pitch-black at 6:30 am. It’s not light until 7:30 am. And while I admit it was a little nice to have it light until 7:30 pm, it’s not like I was doing anything outside. I came in from yardwork at 4:00 pm Sunday afternoon, and it was plenty cold enough for me. Today is windy, and I won’t be doing yardwork or other outdoor activity no matter how light it is outside.

I think I would like daylight savings time from perhaps May until September. Those are the months that it is warm enough here in the northern part of the United States to make it worthwhile to be outside longer. But having it start in mid-March is just ridiculous. Perhaps we should just have daylight savings time year-round, in that case. Any particular time is just a human construction, anyway.

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  1. We have daylight savings time in Sydney and I love it. In summer we can even play a whole round of golf at the end of a workday. I agree, though, that it does start to blur around the edges at the polar ends of the period :-)

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