Why is Mainstream Media Ignoring Grassroots Protests?

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Source/Inspiration: Alternet

Why is the mainstream media ignoring instances of ordinary people protesting corporate America and demonstrating for a better life? Notably, in California recently, an 85 year old woman was arrested after she joined a protest, with 200 foreclosed families, against home foreclosures outside a Chase bank branch.

Instead of focusing on people agitating against consumerism and our buy now pay later system, the media is intent on following the Tea Party and its protests,  which is, notwithstanding the true fervor of its members, a manufactured protest created by rich men pulling the strings from behind with their money.

I hope that in the new year, we can see the media begin to focus on the things that are truly important, like ordinary people standing up and saying we need basic changes to our culture and economy. Let’s build a sustainable way of life this year.

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  1. You’ve made some great points. But I want to know how can people believe protesting an afternoon away will keep them selves from being led to their own destruction? The protests can be deferred and written off because it’s not actually hurting big business. It’s like the mewling of the lambs being lead to slaughter. Small amounts of protest but we still let our throats be slit.

    Extreme lifestyle changes for everyone including living “off the grid” and using cash only are needed to build sustainability. If everyone would stop using modern conveniences (subscriptions) there would be a calculable hard fact and business would feel it financially. They have no reason to change otherwise.

    • You are correct that drastic changes are needed, changes we are not yet seeing. But drastic change does not come without small changes first, and I refuse to ignore small changes (eg people realizing there is something to protest) because they are not ‘big enough.’

  2. I’ll agree with that. Good blog entry. It made me think.


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