Book Review: The Pig Did It

I just read The Pig Did It, by Joseph Caldwell. I am terribly disappointed in this book. I have read many good reviews of it, and I just cannot see anything in it. The main character is a boor and a jerk with far too high an opinion of himself, and his adventures reflect that. Perhaps I would like this book, with its multiple references to male genitalia, if I were a thirty-something male with an inflated ego, but being none of those, I could not like the book.

It is funny in spots, especially when the skeleton or the pig make an appearance, but those funny spots do not make up for the disappointing whole.

Two out of five stars.

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  1. You have to wonder why writers have to resort to obsenity and body parts, don’t you. I can understand a bit to enhance a charater’s role but…enough already. The story needs to be able to hold its own without that.

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