This Week’s Reading & Updated with Mini Reviews

The Doctor and the Diva — Adrienne McDonnell
The Convenient Marriage — Georgette Heyer — not finished: I’m not sure I will finish this one — I think there’s a reason it hasn’t been reprinted in a fresh binding — the dialogue is terribly stilted.
Behold, Here’s Poison — Georgette Heyer — finished: really enjoyed this one and the surprise twists at the end.
The Reluctant Widow — Georgette Heyer: finished
Keeping Time — Stacey McGlynn: finished and reviewed
Mini Shopaholic — Sophie Kinsella: not going to finish — the kid is abominably spoiled and the mother is an idiot.
The Pig Did It — Joseph Caldwell: finished and reviewed
The Sisters from Hardscrabble Bay — Beverly Jensen

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