The New Year

The road
Ahead is a
Mystery, curving through
The new year – two-thousand-eleven
The adventures are hidden from me still
And I look forward eagerly
To the first bend in the
Track of the road

Inspired in part by L.M. Montgomery, the hymn Woyaya, and Robert Frost.

Posted for Monday Poetry Potluck.

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  1. Jessica

     /  January 10, 2011

    Like the idea of that first bend – a bend for good or a not?

  2. wow.

    hope that your road ahead are full of surprises…
    thought provoking to me.
    well done.


  3. Nicely expressed, Morganna. I like the form you used.

  4. The road ahead does hold mysteries for us–and adventures–well done, Morganna.

  5. the correct attitude to take what comes.. love this! here’s mine for this new year potluck..

  6. All roads have bends, don’t they? I guess without the bends there would be no excitement.

  7. The first bend, when direction is established. Nice!

  8. Aww.. and my BEST wishes are with you, Liz…
    Here we are, all in anticipation..aren’t we?! :) A sweet and honest poem… veyr nice!!


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