On My Windowsill

Three leaves of green
Laid over red undersides
Reaching for light, loving water
Only so much. Turned from light, turning back.
Brought from Ireland long ago
Perhaps they miss the cool
Green shimmering.

Posted for Monday Poetry Potluck.

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  1. Funny how we impart certain emotions (like longing) to plants. I think it’s just part of the connection we feel to nature. Nice piece, Lizbeth!

  2. I love all things “nature.” Nice form to you poem and the image is great.


  3. i’ve only learned of Riktometer form today. you’ve done a wonderful job of it using nature in your piece. Thank you

    found you on Jingle Poetry. glad i did
    take care

  4. Jingle

     /  November 22, 2010

    love the Shamrock both in your word painting and in the image,
    novel piece,
    Thanks for sharing the wonders of nature with potluck.
    Happy Tuesday ahead.

  5. I really like the flow of this. Sounds lovely.

  6. This is intriguing … a little Shamrock story, and their old. Lovely. Longing – and who knows – maybe they do …

  7. Lovely poem, the words flow so well. I often wonder too, whether plants may miss their place of origin. :)

  8. Gorgeous photo! and your verse matches, character and quality, Nicely done!

  9. perhaps really.. nice!

  10. Plants and gardening are a whole universe of metaphors for our sometimes less graceful/ more bumbling human selves. Nice sense of place and of the feeling of autumn.

  11. I like the tie-in of magic with the clover. What a lovely photo and wonderful poem!

  12. Jingle

     /  November 25, 2010

    claim awards/treats via entry #114…
    have a lovely day.

  13. How sweet is that! The words flowed so beautifully.. just like those leaves drifting across space… there was something very dreamy about this poem, Liz..
    AND… I totally dig the form you’ve used! Too good!


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