Dragon Land: Part Ten

Christalos tossed in her sleep. falling falling back falling in blackness falling we are who you will be now, coming, forever we are now what we will become Her eyes opened. Why was she dreaming of the memory chant? Tell us who was, to remember She shivered, hearing it echo in her waking mind, too. Do this in memory of us. Do this in memory of us, the living and the dead. That wasn’t right. The chant ended after living. She closed her eyes again, trying to go back to sleep, willing away the dream. Girl! Save us! Christalos’ eyes sprang open again. It was her grandmother’s voice. The voice came again. Girl! I don’t have much time. Do as I tell you. A long string of instructions followed. Christalos moved her lips as they flowed into her mind, trying to remember them all. The orders ended with Trust no one. Go alone. Christalos whispered, I will obey, and rose from her bed of leaves. She sprang into the sky, flying for the first time in weeks.

Read the rest of the novel.

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