To Willa Cather

Quiet, peaceful writing
Flows across the page,
Telling stories.

Across the prairie,
Down the years,
Quiet, peaceful writing

Takes us into Jim’s world
Calm days, terrible events,
Flowing across the page.

I should be content
If I wrote like this,
Telling stories.

This poem is for Thursday Poetry Rally. I just finished My Antonia, by Willa Cather.

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  1. true,
    you shall feel proud when tell a story and write a poem at the same time.
    enjoyed the delightful flow.

  2. love your quiet, peaceful writing here.
    Happy Rally.

  3. wonderfully written, love your words, my friend, happy rally^^~

  4. A very lovely poem. I especially enjoy your word choice, they seem to flow perfectly together.

  5. just another girl

     /  October 20, 2010


    you should be content
    if you wrote like this
    telling lovely stories

  6. A very beautifully crafted flowing poem Morgans!! Very simple and yet so satiny- I am happy to read your words here.. :D
    Of I love tassels.. what a beautiful world you live in!!
    Is that a Morning Glory- I too have those creepers growing at the Groundfloor Garden. Since the GF is not occupied; I have made that My Garden- :)

    Loads of wishes Dear xox

    • No, it is a pansy (some people call them violets). We do have morning glories here, but I don’t grow them.

  7. Peaceful writing for sure.. Loved it..

    An Ode to Friendship

    Happy Rally

    –Someone Is Special–

  8. I love writings ,flipping through the pages and your poem tells it beautifully

  9. Now that flows! Wonderful poem.

  10. Beautiful. I loved this poem and the feelings it gave me while I was reading it. I love a poem that says what needs to be said without frills and fancy stuff…you did that. I think simplicity is most lovely.

  11. Scent of my heart

     /  October 21, 2010

    to be content with yourself is very important, nicely said ..I like your garden!

  12. morganna, this is beautiful. i love the smooth flow of your words.

    A Tranquil Soul

  13. You CAN tell stories, Morganna!
    It’s not the form that counts, it’s the
    arguable free-will of the artist writing
    and drawing by numbers unknown.

    This was a fitting tribute. Good job!
    Btw, I live in Nebraska, as did Willa C. :)

  14. yuuki-chan

     /  October 23, 2010

    Something that I should read while on my bed with a cup chocolate in hand.
    Makes me all warm and fuzzy.

  15. A perfectly wonderful tribute to a perfectly wonderful writer. Nicely done.

    Happy Rally and Potluck days.

    Poem on ..

  16. I should be content
    If I wrote like this,
    Telling stories.

    …. I agree with you here. I would be content if I wrote pieces like this to tell stories as well. Good job!

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