Season of Changes

Crisp autumn air
Sun coming down through yellowing leaves
Summer is leaving us

Cherish the green, growing grass,
The unripe tomatoes on the vine,
Crisp autumn air.

The scent of dying leaves warns
Snow is coming.
Sun coming down through yellowing leaves,

A reprieve to work the ground,
Plant for next year’s blooming.
Summer is leaving us.

Posted for the Monday Poetry Potluck.

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  1. Perfect description of what’s happening in the now.

  2. A sadness that summer is leaving but the promise of a new blooming. Eloquent and pleasing.

  3. A sweet sad farewell! I too am having trouble letting summer go. Your writing has just the right softness for the poem’s spirit.

    my potluck offering is here:

  4. sweet and uplifting message.
    well put.

  5. Thanks for the participation of potluck…
    Happy monday!

  6. A wonderful read about summer leaving…love your craft of words as always my friend. Thanks for linking with Potluck xx

  7. Lovely!:D~ Summer will come again I am sure:)

  8. Summer is leaving but it’s not going without a fight…enjoyed the picture your words painted.

  9. I wish we could keep the summer with us — your poem reminds me of the last blush of summer and the cusp of the turning point when we realize it is almost over.

    Lovely write,

  10. This is excellent.
    Personally i’m glad summer is leaving us because i love autumn

  11. yes.summer leaving for the new entry winder come and do its work..chilly winter…nice poem

  12. it’s always summer-summery-summer here… but then we don’t get to see the lovely colors of autumn. this is a beautiful piece, morganna.

    Medieval Mist

  13. season of life…ur depiction is so lyrical. Thank you

  14. I miss summer already. *sigh*

  15. This is exactly what is happening outside and what I’m feeling inside. Amazing imagery and words!

  16. Thanks for sharing such an elegant piece with potluck…
    hope to see you next Monday.
    your poetry rocks.
    Happy Weekend.

  17. Liked the farewell and the parting gift to Autumn and welcome to the winter snow… I can definitely look forward to your winter songs as you are very good in writing and painting nature…
    Liked it thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  18. Chloe

     /  October 15, 2010

    Such beautiful descriptions of the seasons changing. Thanks for sharing! Chloe xx


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