The Cabin, Part Three

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Who could this be? She didn’t know anyone in this part of the world, certainly not a widely smiling woman of uncertain age with caramel colored hair, wearing a pink suit and a bright blue necklace. Melanie stepped backwards, ready to avoid air kisses.

“Darling, I’m so happy to see you. Was everything to your liking in the cabin? I know your dear grandmother would have been horrified if you had had to turn on the water or sleep on the floor, so I made sure everything was all set.” The woman continued talking, apparently oblivious to Melanie’s lack of response. When she finally paused for air, Melanie blurted the first thing that popped into her head.

“Who are you?” Oh, God, why couldn’t she be more gracious. She knew better. Thankfully, the woman seemed to ignore any rudeness.

“Why, honey, don’t you know me? I took care of you often when you stayed here at the cabin when you were little. I wasn’t as successful as I am now.” Her smile grew even wider. Melanie hadn’t known that was possible. “I’m Coralynn Babcock. I used to be Coralynn Frost, when I took care of you, but then I married my dear Jack, and he changed everything. He even encouraged me to keep working, and then get my real estate license, and now I am a genuine Realtor.” She lowered her voice and leaned towards Melanie. “I am entrusted with finding a buyer for this cabin.”

Melanie felt all the blood drain out of her face and into her toes. She swayed and grabbed the door jamb. “No.”

“Oh, honey, are you all right? Here I am keeping you here on the doorstep when you were probably having breakfast.” Coralynn stepped towards Melanie. “Let’s go inside and get you comfortable.”

“No. No. You are not coming inside. This is my cabin, I inherited it from my grandmother. I am not going to sell it. I don’t know where you got the keys, but you need to give me the keys you have right now.” Melanie gathered herself and planted herself in the doorway.

Coralynn narrowed her eyes. “I am not giving you the keys. I was a dear friend of your grandmother and she didn’t want to saddle you with this terrible old cabin. Let me inside and we’ll talk.”

“No. Give me the keys you have or I’m calling the police.”

Coralynn dug in her purse and handed over a set of keys with a sigh. “You are making a big mistake, young lady.”

“Are these all the keys you have?”

“Yes.” Coralynn’s eyes shifted away from Melanie.

“Give me the rest.”

Coralynn looked back at Melanie with wide eyes. “How did you know?” She pulled out three more keys from her pocket.

“I’m a lawyer. Lawyers know these things.”

“I didn’t know you were a lawyer.”

“Well, now you do. Don’t try anything else funny.” Melanie stepped back into the cabin and swung the door shut. She latched it and heard a car start up and drive down the road. She leaned against the door, hoping she wouldn’t have any more visitors. The first one had exhausted her, and she hadn’t even finished her breakfast yet.

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  1. This is really well told.
    Great job


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