Dragon Land: Chapter Four

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Ancient History

They say that a long time ago in Ouz, in the Kingdom before the Empire, the King received a letter. It was a strange letter, from the Azm of the Azmuthiel. The King had never heard of the Azm of the Azmuthiel, who claimed to be starving on the edge of his kingdom, the farthest northwest reaches. In a book his grandfather had given him, Kalabah’s Guide to the Exotics, he found an entry. The Azmuthiel were also known as the winged women. The King called his son before him.

“My Son The Prince, we have received a letter from starving women at the edge of the Kingdom. I am sending you with cattle to relieve their pain.”

“But, My Revered Father, why should we assist women we have never heard of and are not even part of the Kingdom?”

“My Son, a King must respond to every call for help, and investigate every mystery, especially those on his borders. If he does not, either he will be overthrown as a tyrant, or be surprised by an invasion one day. I intend to live a long, happy life and turn this Kingdom over to you at the end of my days. Therefore, it is in our best interests to find out what these Azmuthiel are, and you are going to be the one to investigate.”

The Prince set out with a company of men and cattle. After many adventures, he arrived at the place of the winged women.

When they arrived, it was after sundown. The Ravine of the Winged Women looked very forbidding in the moonlight, and they decided to camp at the entrance and make themselves known in the morning.

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  1. classical and fun piece.

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  3. I really like the way you give sufficient importance to the different events here…
    Am already looking forward to the subsequent part(s)..
    Good luck writing, Liz..


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