Dragon Land: Chapter Three

Note: This is chapter three of my ongoing novel. The rest may be found here.

Excerpts from

Kalabah’s Guide to The Exotics: An identification guide to the non-humans and human tribes of Edlilo

Azmuthiels are the winged people, also known as hive women. They live in caves in ravines. The caves are usually called hives. Their range is found exclusively in the north of Edlilo, north of Abkhaha.

They look like humans, but they have large feathered wings sprouting from their shoulder blades. Their coloration tends to be dark, with swarthy skin, dark eyes, and black hair. The females have no bosoms, and both genders have “honey” glands at the base of the spine in the back, with associated collection pouches. Body appearance may differ between individuals, apparently due to hive status.

The wings are quite different between the genders. The men have full wings and leave the hives. They hunt, and interact with the outside world. The women never leave the hives. Their wings are just nubs. Most of them have no, or very little, intelligence. They spend their lives in the dark, procreating and eating.

Azmuthiel society is very hierarchical and regimented, almost rigid. Beware of violating their taboos.

Kaldroons are tall and slender. They have very pale skin, blond or light brown hair, and eyes of blue, green, hazel, or light brown, usually not dark. They may be recognized by the webs between their fingers and toes, pointed ears, and pale skin.

They may be found all over Edlilo. They are nomadic, and fancy themselves traders, but it is easy to get the better of them in a deal. They especially like shiny things. They do have a capital, Kaldroon, found west of Abkhaha. It seems to be temporary in appearance, almost like a tent city, although it has been there many years, if not decades, according to the locals.

A small creature, flattish, covered in brown fur that feels spiky to the touch. They live in dens, mostly in northern Edlilo. They seem to have more than two genders, although it is unknown exactly how they mate and breed. They are prized for their musk glands. There are usually two to four in a den. They are fierce, and can seriously injure anyone who disturbs a den, especially unknowingly.

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  1. MOST interesting! Great intros.. Now I am set for the stories to come!!
    Long live Edlilo, and its tribes/creatures! :)

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    Awards 4 u

    Happy Sunday!
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  3. love to see you beam with stories.


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