Dragon Land: Chapter 2

Note: This is a part of my ongoing novel. Find the rest here.

In The Beginning

The story is told. When dragons first came to this land, our ancestors had never felt rain, never seen water pouring down from the sky. The first time it rained on them, first they were frightened and ran for shelter. But when they saw that they took no harm, they took heart and ventured out. They sang:

Heminya Ka
Heminya Amir
Heminya Rayata Deir
Heminya Ma Ata

Water fresh
Water free
Water sky pouring
Water us washing

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  1. super cute poetry,
    although I could not get it,
    but your post and blog are fresh and lovely to me…

  2. love the water poem,
    i assume you translated the first part…

    • Thank you for the compliments. I made the first poem up in an imaginary language then ‘translated’ it for the second part.

  3. The first part was imaginary?!?!?! WOW…
    Well translated too ! :)

    So lovely, Liz…
    Rain is quite magical.. I am glad it “happened” the way it did…

  4. Lovely calming rythmic words and your imaginary language is linguistically very clever!

    For me, your song evokes the essence of Maori myth and mystery.


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