Dragon Land: Chapter One

Note: If you have been reading the novel, don’t skip this part. It is the new beginning to the novel. Poetry Rally attendees, please find my rally entry below. The other installments of the novel are here.

The Place

In the great blackness a star spun. It was an old star, and had exhausted its interior. Now the outer layers began to fall inward, spinning. As they fell they spun faster and faster. The outer layers fell down into the interior, and material was added to the old fusion layers. The spinning increased. The star began to glow strange colors never seen before in its light. WHOMP! The noise was terrific, although there were no beings nearby with ears to hear it. The explosion filled the star’s old system with a brilliant light, brighter than anything it had produced in life. All the star’s material and that of its planetary system blew outwards, into empty space. A small husk was left, to spin alone in a newly empty space.

The dust floated through space, gradually slowing from the tremendous speeds of the explosion to something slower, although still tremendously fast by the standards of anything planet-bound. Some of the dust began to drift closer and closer, forming a cloud. It gathered up other dust floating in space. The cloud slowly grew.

Many years passed. The cloud still drifted through space, gathering dust. It was huge now, larger than the star that had spawned it. It began to spin. Slowly, so slowly it was almost impossible to see, the center began to spin faster and fall in on itself. Even as the edges of the dust cloud continued to sweep up space dust, the center began to accumulate cloud dust.

After a long time, the center was so large that the weight of the dust on the interior was so high that it was compressed to the point that individual atoms began fusing together. More and more atoms fused, until the whole ball of dust became more than dust, it ignited and was a star.

Meanwhile, the dust cloud outside the center was undergoing changes of its own. It was thick and large enough that the dust particles began to collide as they circled around the new star. Sometimes the particles broke up under the force of the collision, but sometimes they stuck together. Those larger particles gradually grew bigger and bigger. Soon some were big enough to absorb all the particles they encountered. Orbits cleared, but the bigger objects had more gravity and knocked each other around the system. Some went flying off into the space beyond, some fell into the new sun, causing flares. Others fell into new orbits, sometimes pulling the others along, rearranging the entire system.

Slowly calm arrived, as the new planets circled the sun in stable orbits, perturbed only rarely by a stray object racing in from the edges of the old dust cloud. With calm and stability, things began to happen on the planets.

On a planet fairly close to the sun, life formed. It was a warm planet, and there was much water. Water dependent life forms evolved. In the oceans, intelligent and civilized squid evolved. On land, an ape acheived intelligence, tool use, and began to construct societies. Prone to war, starvation, and collapse, the civilized status of its societies was a little doubtful, but no one could deny its ability to organize its surroundings. These apes called themselves human. The humans called their planet Thelios.

On another planet in this system, a little farther from the sun than Thelios, called Thomos by the humans on Thelios, life also formed. Thomos was drier than Thelios, and had lighter gravity. In this dry desert air, animals evolved able to deal with very low amounts of water, and in the light gravity, they could fly. Wings were common place on Thomos.

The intelligent animals on Thomos tended to organize themselves into strictly hierarchical societies. In the harsh desert, those who banded together and obeyed authority tended to live longer. Over time, the strict rules and hierarchies became wedded to the reproduction of the species. If an individual didn’t follow the rules, he or she didn’t have children. The rules became self-reinforcing. On harsh Thomos, there was not much allowance for the weak. Babies were rare. An entire species might have a few hundred, perhaps a thousand, individuals.

There were hive women and there were dragons. The hive women were so bound by their rules they could not live if the rules were broken. They no longer lived by the rules, they were the rules, being the rules day in and day out.

The dragons were less rule bound, but they still had a very structured society organized by clan and body type.

Come, the voice whispered
There is nothing here for you
Leave your safe home and warm bed
I got up and followed the voice
Through forests, over mountains
Come, the voice whispered
Across the void to strange lands
I was afraid but the seductive words called
Leave your safe home and warm bed
Why did I follow the call?
What did I hear in the sibilant command,
Come? The voice whispered,
I followed, to a new world and a new life.
I sometimes still hear the call
Leave your safe home and warm bed
I lie in my snug new home,
Listening. I haven’t followed yet.
Come, the voice whispers,
Leave your safe home and warm bed.

The voice was heard all across Thelios. Those who followed migrated across the land to massive caverns and moved in. When no more people were coming, the caverns closed, everyone fell asleep, and there was a great rumbling.

After a long time and a thump, the caverns opened again. The hive women and the dragons awoke and looked out on their new home, Thomos.

The voice spoke again, whispering of a desert land of canyons for the hive women, forests and rolling plains to the dragons. They stretched their wings in the unfamiliar atmosphere and flew into the light of the rising sun.

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  1. lovely segment of your work.

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  3. nice post :)

    liked it… :)

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  6. Now that’s SOME beginning, Liz!!!
    I wish they had explained the Big Bang Theory in this manner in school!!! Awesome!

    • Thanks! And that was just the end of one star and the beginning of the next. Can you imagine the Big Bang?!


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