Tuesday Treasure: Blue Pressed Pansies

Pressed Pansies in a Jar are this week’s Tuesday Treasure from my Etsy shop. I grew these pansies in my backyard, picked and pressed them myself. They arrive in a small glass jar with a white lid and a label. Just right for keeping a bit of summer when winter comes around.

I checked Etsy after I posted this, and the pansies made a Treasury (where other members pick items they like): http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4c6a9e46cdfc6d91cd861cc5/ethnic-blues?index=0

If you are looking for more information on my crafts, please go to my Craft Information page or visit my Etsy store.

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  1. sweet. they look so cool and colorful…we have a leaf press that we use with the boys…they have fun with it…

  2. They are so bright and pretty! Cheered me up already!!! I don’t know much about flower art, so… here comes my silly little question.. exactly what is a leaf press? Yea, I know I can google it… yet, I felt like asking you !

    • A leaf press is an arrangement of wooden boards, cardboard, and blotter paper designed to press flowers and leaves (instead of putting the things to be pressed in the pages of a large, heavy book). Mine has a painted wooden board on the bottom, and then a stack of cardboard & blotter paper (it goes cardboard, blotter paper, flowers, blotter paper, cardboard, repeat to top), then a painted wooden board for the top. The wooden boards have a hole in each corner and bolts go through those holes and I have wing nuts to screw down onto the bolts. You put the flowers in, screw on the top, and leave for a few days. The flowers get flattened and dried, and keep indefinitely. You can do this with leaves, too. Most people make art or fill albums with their pressed stuff, I’m sticking mine in jars. :) And, I’ll try to remember to put up some photos of my leaf press in the next day or so for you. :)

      • Oh…wow!! Thank you for the detailed description… I really appreciate it!
        This sounds most interesting!! I remember keeping/preserving leaves and flowers in really heavy books when I was a kid… now I feel like doing it again…
        I really enjoy doing simple art works at home… some wall hanging, paper cutouts… real simple stuff… and leave/flower seems very very appealing to me now!! Thank you SO MUCH for your posts, dear friend… they have inspired me all over again!! Yaaayyy :D

      • That’s wonderful … I feel special for inspiring you again. :) Happy Crafting!

  3. I agree with Brian, I used to have a leaf press and whould love to do it again….those colors are just beautiful!! Hugs to you dear one xx

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