I’m remembering why I don’t write novels

I don’t write novels because it takes so long to get the words down, and so many words to get the point across, and it’s probably not even enough for a novel even then, that usually I just get overwhelmed with the sheer number of words that it takes and quit before I even get started.

I want to keep Dragon Land going, I hate leaving something unfinished, but I keep worrying that I’ll never get to the point (not that I even know what the point is) and that it’s just a jumbled mess of words. On the other hand, I suppose that people are reading it and enjoying it, so I should keep adding words to it, and posting them, and eventually I’ll get somewhere. The current goal is 10,000 words, and I only have 467 to go. Well, that’s not bad. After 10,000, I’ll aim for 20,000 and I guess I’ll have 100,000 before I know it.

Hopefully, when I get to 100,000 words it will actually have a point. Thank you for bearing with me while I quietly panic about my novel. I’m off now to write 467 more words.

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  2. heheheheh… my dear panic stricken Liz, GOOD LUCK with the 467..
    I am pretty sure you will reach the 100,000 mark sooner than you had imagined! And you will make your point(s) too!!!

    Happy writing!!! :D

    • I did get the 467 :) plus more. Made me feel better. I just have so many things going on in the novel, I worry about it. More since someone asked me what the point of this novel was. :)

  3. You’re doing an awesome job and keep writing dear one…you’ll get there soon. Hugs x

    • Thanks. I’m sure I will. I just had a moment of panic this morning staring at this collection of words purportedly a novel that I hadn’t worked on in over a week. The reassurances I’m getting in these comments are making me feel much better. :) Thank you.

  1. Dragon Land VIII | Lizbeth's Garden

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