Tuesday Treasure: Rose Potpourri

Today I want to feature my potpourri. I make rose potpourri and geranium potpourri. I dry the flowers, then I place the petals in a paper bag with essential oil (geranium oil for geranium petals, rose oil for rose petals) for a week or two. Then I package the petals in a tulle bag that ties with a ribbon. The photos below show the potpourri in bowls, like it would be in a home.

I really enjoy growing these roses and saving the petals by making potpourri. I like knowing that the beauty of the roses is preserved for many more seasons, even though the rose on the bush is gone.

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  1. Oh wow…this is so beautiful!! It looks so pretty, and I really love potpourri… they give a natural flavor to the decor…
    Thanks for sharing this info and lovely pictures with us, girl…

  2. How wonderful. Love potpourri … Visited you Etsy site. Nice. I will remember around the holidays. :-)

    • Great poem in 55 words, Jingle. Thanks for the award, but I think I will leave it for your flash 55 readers/writers/followers. Thank you again.

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