Julius Ceasar

We went to see an outdoor production of Julius Ceasar last night. We almost got rained out, and the show was delayed by 15 minutes, but the weather cleared just in time and it was a beautiful evening. So many famous lines, and delivered so well. I was fascinated, too, by the many ways the actors were able to ‘kill’ each other with no real harm done, but it looked real to the audience. I always forget how many people die in one of Shakespeare’s tragedies.

Despite the tragic play, it was a great evening. If you are in Montana, Idaho, or Wyoming and have a chance to see Montana Shakespeare in the Parks, I say go for it, because they always put on a fantastic show.

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  1. I am in none of those places.. but it’s a good tip anyway… who knows, some day I too will be able to watch it :)
    Glad you enjoyed the play..

  2. Good to know you’re having fun. Life should be lived in that way. Have a splendid weekend.


  3. Awesome…enjoy and thakns so very much for sharing!!! Sending you loads of love xx

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