Riding in the saddle all day
An ordinary man,
Working along, alone.

His horse his lone companion
They follow cattle up and down
Riding in the saddle all day.

He doesn’t think — he tries
To forget her soft ways, big eyes.
An ordinary man

Living the best he can
With horse, lariat, cattle,
Working along, alone.


This won featured post at Write With Pictures!

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  1. To forget her “soft ways and eyes” seems the reason many men become loners.

  2. wow,
    love poems about cowboys…
    have fun!

  3. Just a lovely poem and image.

  4. Awww.. i think this was a very kind poem.. and in a way, a gentle tribute to every ‘cowboy’!
    An excellent use of the metaphor.. cleverly done!

  5. Love story’s about cowboy’s…you have captured this so very well!! Keep writing girl!! Awesome xx

  6. i like your unique interpretation of the cowboy – as a lonely individual rather than a brazen man


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  8. like the cowboy, we all get caught up in our daily mundane tasks that we forget how to enjoy life. in the process, we lose the special people in our lives. brilliant poem, morganna!

  9. makes me want to go to the rodeo.

  10. Chloe

     /  July 29, 2010

    I will make him “forget her soft ways, big eyes”!! They don’t really have cowboys here in the UK, but if they did, I would definately be stalking them!

    Great poem, lovely imagery.

    Chloe :D


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