You Have to Die of Something

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World’s Biggest Killer in HEALTH CARE

In 2010, cancer will become the number one cause of death in the world. This statistic is especially tragic considering that one-third of all cancer deaths are preventable, writes Changemaker and CEO of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, Doug Ulman. Taking a stronger stand to prevent tobacco addiction will save countless people the pain of a diagnosis.

But everyone dies. There is no way out of this life except to die. That is the terrible, hard truth of this wheel of suffering we find ourselves on. And if we, as intelligent, controlling beings, find ourselves able to avoid most causes of death for most people, then we still have to die of something.

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  1. Please please please let me die of old age!! xx

  2. We will know that the health system is perfect when the cause of death is 100% suicide. (Once all other deaths are prevented)

  3. Viola

     /  June 10, 2010

    This body of mine is just a shell, it will die but my soul with live forever. Enjoyed your view on dying.

  4. This got me laughing as hard as it also points to the obvious truth…I love thought provoking post like this…Your last comment on my blog was spot on, I must confess. Thanks for your visit…Cheers!!!


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