This Week’s Reading

Updated: More books added at the end.

New from the library:

Till the End of Tom: Gillian Roberts: finished

The Crimson Rooms: Katherine McMahon — finished: absolutely fantastic, love this book, plot is not predictable and takes some great twists and turns, yet nothing seems out of character or unbelievable for the characters. I would write a longer review, but I do not want to spoil the book. This is a rare book, one so amazing, that it should only have its ending revealed in the proper way, by actually reading the book. I can think of only two other books for which I would say that. Five out of five stars.

Two Classic Stanislawski Novels: Nora Roberts: classic romance, but sometimes one just wishes to escape into a simple story. — finished — I found myself impatient with the plot, since it was quite obvious who was going to fall in love with whom.

Moon Mirror: Andre Norton: see description of above book, omit classic romance. *grin* — finished — turned out to be a collection of short stories. Quite enjoyable, and I found myself wishing I could find out more after the end of some of the stories.

Also read last week but didn’t post separately:

A Year on Ladybug Farm: Donna Ball: Excellent book, with unexpected plot twists. Quite enjoyable.

A Risk Worth Taking: Robin Pilcher: He is just as good at writing as his mother (Rosamunde Pilcher) and I quite enjoyed the book. I read some early criticism of his first books, as not being very good, but I considered the critics should cut him some slack with his first couple books, they can’t all be as good as his mother’s masterpieces (and, when it comes down to it, not all his mother’s books were as good as her masterpieces). But I think Mr. Pilcher is slowly coming into his own, and this book, his third, shows it. I was disappointed at the end that there weren’t more pages. I can’t wait to get the next ones written and that he will write in future. Four out of five stars.

And … we went back to the library, so I got more books (of course):

Thicker than Water: Rett MacPherson: finished
Orchard Valley: Debbie Macomber — didn’t read because I had already read it. :(
Afternoons with Emily: Rose McMurray: finished: Very good, but I wanted it to focus more on Emily Dickinson than it did. The ending also felt a little rushed, but still good. Four out of five stars.
Unfinished Desires: Gail Godwin: finished — this was really good. About the way our past behavior can haunt us and change the course of our life and that of others for years. I found it haunting, because we don’t normally think of the consequences our actions have on the lives of the other people around us. Four out of five stars.

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