More from Dragon Land

(In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the scenes I’ve been posting featuring dragons are all related. It is a novel I am slowly writing. It doesn’t have a name, nor does the land where it takes place (yet) so I am looking for a consistent way of telling you this is a new installment. Onto to the story.)

Jeric fed a few more small sticks into the fire and adjusted the spit with the rabbit. He carefully laid the spit in the forks of the wooden supports he had carved. There. Finely balanced this time, it wouldn’t fall in the fire like last night. Perhaps he was getting the hang of it, this living off the land.

A while later, he reached for the spit to turn the rabbit over. His hand touched the spit, and jerked at a whooshing crashing noise in the forest behind him. The rabbit fell into the fire. He swore. He fished it out of the flames, replaced it on the supports, and turned to investigate the noise. He saw a smallish dragon folding its wings in the clearing, obviously having just landed. To his surprise, a girl slid off the dragon’s back and fell over. He suppressed the urge to run over and glided behind a tree, instead. He needed more information before he revealed himself.

He watched the dragon speak to the girl, listening to the deep rumblings without understanding the words. When the girl nodded and turned towards the nearby stream, Jeric turned back to his campsite tucked next to a massive tree. He quickly doused the fire, packed his meager belongings, and grabbed the rabbit spit. He strode into the forest away from the dragon. He did not think he was in danger, but he must think about these new developments and his place in them before he was discovered.

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  1. These tasty little morsels are both fascinating and infuriating :D

    They’re like quick glances into this fascinating world that I want to know so much more about, without ever getting enough to satisfy my curiosity.

    I suppose that’s the point :)

    • Actually, the point is that I’m sharing as it comes to me. You know about as much as I do at this point. :) Truly, I don’t have time to sit and work for more than a few minutes at a time, so it’s taking a while.


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