No, I’m not trying to spam you. And WordPress has an amazing spam filter, Akismet, which means I don’t see hardly any spam on the three blogs I maintain. And I approve all comments of new posters, so I don’t let (or I try not to) spam through. But every once in a while, the spam filter needs to check with me if it’s spam, so I see something in the spam section of the comments. Sometimes it’s a real post, so I do need to (and I do) check the spam-box often. But usually it’s not. The comment that follows is just so shocking to me for its immorality, lack of ethics and its possible illegality that I just had to share it. (I have removed all links and identifying features that would help you find the website listed, I don’t want to send traffic their way.)

Put Food On The Table With A Payday Loan
Cash advances or payday loans can be a saving grace when emergencies hit. Unexpected occurrences arise every day, and sometimes you may find yourself in a situation of having your bills paid but having nothing left to live on until the next paycheck arrives. It doesn’t feel very good to have a roof over your head if there is no food in the refrigerator, so payday loans can be a godsend.
Ideally, no one would have to borrow against their next expected paycheck, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. If circumstances arise that require funds to be spent, leaving your bank account empty and no groceries in the house, a Payday loan can be a viable option. Using the loan to buy food not only keeps you healthy and your children cared for, but it also alleviates the burden of other bills being late and incurring the added expense of late fees, additional interest, or loss of assets. While obviously not the first option, taking out a payday loan when the financial squeeze gets too tight to be able to buy groceries definitely constitutes an emergency situation for which it is reasonable to borrow a small amount of money. Repaying the loan on time eliminates the revolving burden of a carried debt, and enables the borrower to apply again for a loan in the future should the need arise personal loan.
Get a cash advance today:
web address

I just cannot believe, that after the credit crunch, people are still putting this kind of junk out there. It’s terrible. I hope there’s nobody signing up for this kind of thing, but in reality, I know better. There’s still poor people being sucked in by the promises, and their own need, and not realizing they’ve signed themselves up for crushing debt. Usury laws need so much reform in this country.

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