Threats to Legislators after Health Care Reform Passed

I cannot believe the things I am reading in my newspaper about the threats to Democratic legislators and the slurs they are being called after the health care reform bill has passed. It’s just unbelievable to me. It’s one thing to disagree, quite another to actually threaten someone.

And another thing: Most of the people angry about health care reform are arguing against their own best interests. The average person on the street cannot possibly pay for cancer treatment, or even for taking care of a broken arm, without insurance. And insurance has been impossibly expensive for people without coverage through their job.

There is something wrong with a system where children with cancer can only get treatment through the generosity of strangers dropping pennies in cans at stores. Yes, it’s good to give charity, and be generous, and help others, I’m not knocking that. But if that is the only way those children can afford treatment, there’s something wrong.

There’s something wrong with a system where a grown woman cannot afford insurance, and cannot afford to pay for her broken arm herself, so her friends throw a successful fundraiser, and she still owes thousands of dollars in bills.

I don’t think, and I don’t mean to say, that this reform is perfect, or that it will solve all the problems. But I think it will help, and I think it’s a step in the right direction.

To those who say, let the market solve the problems, well, we tried that. It hasn’t been working. To those who say, let charities and churches take care of the problems, well, they don’t have the money, the organization, or the time, to help everyone in need. Only government has the necessary scale.

And to those who say, people didn’t use to ask for/need health insurance, well, it didn’t use to matter if you had money or not, doctors couldn’t really help you. There have been tremendous advances in medicine, and now doctors can actually save lives. But they do need to eat, too, and to pay for the treatments, so they need payment. And it’s not right if poor people die for lack of money when rich people live longer, just because they had money. It’s just not right.

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