Primroses: Muse Monday

Potted Primroses

Little flowers, bringing happiness to our hearts,
Color to our eyes.
Be happy until we can plant you outside.

More spring color brought into the house while we wait for the snow to melt. I started seeds over the weekend, too, but I didn’t think peat pots full of dirt were particularly inspiring.

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  1. Love it…oh how i miss planting things in my yard, Jealous!

    Nice little piece to accompany it…

    • Thanks! Have you thought about containers? That’s where these plants will go — a container on my deck. You’d be amazed what you can grow in containers — I grew roses, corn, raspberries, blueberries, pumpkins, carrots, onions, celery, and potatoes, plus flowers and herbs, in containers last summer. The shrubs and herbs overwinter in their containers, the vegetables and flowers I plant anew each year.

  2. I just planted tulip bulbs in pots on a deck where the deer can’t get to them. It;s the wrong season to plant them, so I wonder what will happen.

    • Tulips just need a certain amount of cold before they bloom. Have the bulbs been chilled up to now? They might bloom. Keep me posted! :)


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