Indoor Plants: Muse Monday

(Click on an image for a larger view.)

Even in the middle of winter, when snow covers the ground outside, new life can be found indoors. These are some of my indoor plants, happily growing despite the cold outside.

The basil is overwintering indoors, I started it outdoors last summer. I fertilized it two weeks ago, and it is doing so well.

The cyclamen is brand-new. I just got it over the weekend (it’s my Valentine’s Day present, early).

I’ve been watering that avocado pit for months, and it just sprouted. I had just about given up on it.

The amaryllis are starting again, I brought them out from dormancy a little late. I hope they bloom, I’ve had them for years but they only bloomed the first two years.

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  1. You have the greatest ideas, a journal of sorts…thanks for joining me, one day this will grow, but it only takes two to build a city…

    • Thanks for the compliment! I figure it doesn’t cost me anything to post for it, and you’re right, one day it will grow …


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