Featured Post at Write With Pictures

Please don’t think I’m bragging, I just feel so honored to have my writing chosen as a featured post. Go on over and check out Write With Pictures, we’d love to have more visitors and more writers.

Sun beats down, hot afternoon
Sand and an old tire swing near the
Playhouse stilts. Shall we get the hose for mud?
Push me again. Look! A shadow!
It’s a butterfly!

Growing up in New Mexico, we were sent out to play every afternoon, at least for a while, no matter how hot. The trees were too small for a treehouse, so my dad built one on stilts of 4×4 timbers with a tire swing. Our amusements consisted mainly of digging in the sand, watching for the shadows of insects flying overhead (few and far between, but our neighbors had a flower garden), and getting out the hose to run water in little canals in the shade under the playhouse (we weren’t supposed to do this last one, since it wasted water, but we did it anyway).

This is a special memory, so I thought I’d share it here, too. My brother and I are all grown up, and the playhouse is long gone, but I still remember those hot summer days happily.

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