Garden Planning – Muse Monday

It’s that time of year again. Review last year’s garden, pull out the gardening magazines, and start planning. This year, I have been inspired by Organic Gardening’s 3 Season Garden Plan (top right) and I plan to grow a garden spring, summer and fall. The challenge is getting things in on time — I moved a few years ago from a more northern climate (I’m still pretty far north) and I tend to plant late for fear of frost. I can’t wait to get out there, though, and the garden planning is a pretty good vicarious substitute.

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  1. Wonderful!! Me too..the catalogs have been coming in the mail..I’m saving my yogurt containers..whoo hoo!!

  2. :) Hello friend. Your green thumb is itching, huh? My mother’s would have been too…this post reminded me of her – thank you ♥

  3. Oh I have a subsided green thumb since I have not lived in my own property for years. I raised my kids in an organic garden for some purpose of home schooling and science. It is so worth the time and so satisfying! Great post!

    • Thanks, Chef E! My kids love the garden. I do, too! Even when we were in apartments I was always growing something.


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