Net Neutrality Rules

The FCC is implementing new rules for Internet provider companies, mandating net neutrality, meaning that all information is transmitted at the same rate, and the companies cannot change which web sites load quickly, which load slowly, and which load not at all. The FCC is being lobbied by the big telecommunications companies, who want to be able to pick and choose what information Internet users see, and how fast it loads. The comment period ends Thursday. You can go to Credo Action, and they have a form to write a comment to the FCC. This is what I said:

To the FCC:
Net neutrality is very important and is the basis of the Internet. All information comes at the same rate and with the same opportunities. It is wrong for companies to decide what information gets through and what does not. Many companies are asking for net neutrality rules to be scrapped so they can push their own applications and give priority to information providers who pay more money. Is it right that a big corporation’s website will load faster than a small business website which can’t afford to pay more to the telecommunications company?

Online discrimination should not be tolerated.

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