Book Review: The Passing Bells

I finished The Passing Bells by Phillip Rock. Depressing, but what else does one expect from a novel about World War I?

Small spoiler warning: I was relieved to find that he does not kill off all the main characters, as I find that to be a hazard of novels about the World Wars. (I read for pleasure and escapism, and while I do not expect sweetness and light from a war novel, I do find it a bit much when all the main characters die.)

Rock’s talent for scene setting never fades, but I tended to notice it less once the war started and the action began. Shells falling all about tend to distract one from the nuances.

In sum, an excellent book, and it gave me a new perspective on the Great War.

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  1. I like reading books but i’m not good at reviewing at all, thanks for your post!!


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