Update on Chicken Salmonella Testing

Last month, when I wrote about the Consumer Reports article on chicken, I mentioned that I could not find the website where the results of salmonella testing in processors was posted. Well, I emailed Consumer Reports (and FSIS, the agency that does the posting), and Consumer Reports got back to me!

The salmonella results are posted here, with an explanation of which processors are listed and how often the listings are updated. The actual lists are changed each month with the new lists. I’m going to post the actual PDFs on this site, so they won’t disappear each month and we can go back and see how they change. The PDFs are available.

The other slightly annoying thing is that the cleanest processors are not listed (those that have salmonella in 10% or less of tested birds). Also, when looking at the lists, keep in mind that they are only concerned with salmonella, but campylobacter is also a bacteria that can be contaminating the birds and make humans just about as sick as salmonella.

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  1. Dr.M.Halabi

     /  April 18, 2010

    I am a lecturer in al baath university (Vet.College) in syria . I interist in salmonella news .
    with many thanks


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