Romance Novels

First, my confession, which you probably already know if you read this blog much. I like romance novels. But not just any romance novels. They have to have an actual plot, and they must build up an actual relationship between the protagonists. And the man must be a nice guy. I can’t stand it when he’s a real jerk, but she ends up loving him anyway. Especially when he’s rude to her. I have a friend who says that most romance novels just glorify rape.

So here’s my list of romance novelists (and novelists who just write fiction with a bit of romance thrown in) who meet the above requirements (in no particular order):
Andre Norton
Rebecca Shaw
Debbie Macomber
Edward Rutherfurd
Amanda Quick (some of her books, and not her other pen names)
Nora Roberts (most of the time)
Jane Austen
Rosamunde Pilcher

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