This Week’s Reading

What I’m reading this week:

Also reading The Economist & High Country News (new issue came, yay!)

The Wedding Knot — Patricia Roy — not going to finish (5 pages in, main character busy making a fool of herself — can’t bear to read further)
One Hot Country Summer — Rebecca Shaw — finished
The Jewel Box — Anna Davis — not going to finish (see book review)
Twenties Girl — Sophie Kinsella — finished (see book review)
Galway Bay — Mary Pat Kelly — not going to finish (see mini book review)
74 Seaside Avenue — Debbie Macomber — finished
Summer on Blossom Street — Debbie Macomber — finished

And I’m moving on with actually starting a business — you may have seen my Etsy shop. Well, I’ve decided I want to turn that into a real business — carry more products (ie make more & different things besides tassels), donate some tassels to a local group’s auction, make more kinds of tassels, go to craft shows, and hopefully get my tassels in some local stores. So I think I’m going to be pretty busy this week.

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